Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cranberry Mustard Chicken

We had chicken tenderloins with cranberry mustard sauce tonight.  This was not a fabulous dinner.  Although very low in calories, it didn't have tons of flavor, and the cranberries didn't really stand out very much.  Aaron gave it a 5, I gave it a 6, and the boys both gave it an 8.  It was very fast and easy to make, and low in calories, one tenderloin with sauce and 3/4 c of rice was 353 calories, but we won't be having it again.  I used more chicken broth instead of the wine in the recipe.

Tomorrow we're having some pumpkin bread.

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  1. Cranberry and mustard sauce do not sound good to me. you are brave to try so many new things. Love you all. Mom