Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chicken and Rice, Blueberry Yogurt Waffles, and Blackberry Ice Cream

We had a lot of yummy food today, because today my little guy had his first day of preschool! Hooray! This is his second year with Mrs. Caffrey, and he loves going to school and having fun there. He decided he wanted blackberry ice cream, blueberry waffles for breakfast, and chicken and rice for dinner. First we have the ice cream, from the Pioneer Woman. Here's the recipe, it's easy and creamy and has great texture.  We added chocolate chips like it said to in the cookbook, and this turned out really well.  Noah gave it a perfect 10, I gave it a 9, and Owen and Aaron gave it an 8.  The only change I made was to use lime instead of lemon, because that's what I had, and I strained the custard after cooking it.  I also refrigerated the custard before churning it because my ice cream mixer has to have the custard cold.  The calories for 1/12 of the total, which is about 1/2 cup, are 320.

The waffles were really good. They are Blueberry Yogurt Waffles from Two Peas and Their Pod. I like that they used whole wheat flour and the yogurt instead of oil. I used blueberry Greek yogurt instead of plain, and they were sweet and delicious. I gave them an 8, Noah gave them a perfect 10, and Owen gave them a 7 because he doesn't like blueberries very much. They are 165 calories/waffle when you make 16 waffles.
And last we had chicken and rice which I started making after marrying Aaron because it was his favorite food my Mother-in-law makes.  I have changed it through the years to make it more what I enjoy, but it's still pretty much the same thing Aaron grew up eating.
Chicken Casserole (or Chicken and Rice as we call it)
(This is how I make it)
1 lb chicken breasts
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
green onions
seasoned salt
cayenne pepper
Any other spices you feel like adding
1-2 T sour cream
Throw everything in the crockpot except for the sour cream.  Mix it all together and cook on low for at least 4 hours.  Add in sour cream 30 minutes before serving.  Serve over rice.  Adjust seasonings to taste.

The boys give this a perfect 10, Aaron gives this between an 8 and a 10 depending on how I make it, and I give it a 5.  I'm not a huge fan of it, but my boys really love it so we have it every so often.
The calories with rice are 315/serving.
Tomorrow we're having another chicken and rice dish, but it's not the same :)

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  1. We are so glad that little guy had a good day, even if he did not get any papers in his back pack. We had a fun laugh at that. The ice cream sounds wonderful! I might try the blueberry waffles for your dad. Love mom