Sunday, July 8, 2012

Throwdown Steak and Creamy Tomato Pasta

Today we had the steak and pasta we were supposed to have yesterday.  I received Bobby Flay's Throwdown cookbook for Mother's Day this year, and so I have a bunch of recipes to try from that.  They'll be showing up here in the months to come. Today we tried Disco's Hot 'n' tangy New York Strip Steak, and we really enjoyed it.  We only used one 8 oz steak for the 4 of us, and so the calories were only 210 per serving, and that included the marinade to be used as a dipping sauce.  We gave this a 9, and the marinade uses soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, habanero chili (we used jalapeno), lemon juice, orange zest, ginger, salt, pepper, and Coke.  Mix it all together, then add the steak and marinate 2-4 hours.  Because we had guests for dinner (thanks for coming guys!) we didn't have the steak last night as planned, so I marinated my steak for 24 hours.  It still tasted delicious, and the meat was tender and moist.  I'll definitely make this again. 
The pasta we had alongside the steak was the Pioneer Woman's Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce, a simple recipe that was not one of my favorites.  This was not super flavorful, and I felt like the cream was overpowering.  Next time I would cut the cream from 1 cup to 1/2 cup at least, and I would up the spices.  We had divided it up into 8 servings in the calories counting, but we had way more than 8 servings, so the calorie count isn't super accurate.  The calories we figured out were 392/serving, but that would have to be really huge servings.  I only cooked up 6 oz of pasta, because we just don't eat as big of servings as cookbooks call for.  Noah gave the pasta a 10, Owen gave it a 7, and Aaron and I gave it a 6.  Like I said, the cream was just too much.  We'll be using the remainder of the pasta on Wednesday with some meatballs.  Tomorrow we're trying another recipe from the Pioneer Woman's new cookbook.


  1. I really struggle with adding cream to tomatoey dishes, so this would not be one of my favorites, either. Love mom