Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Marlboro Man's Sandwiches

Although I oversalted dinner tonight (I'm not used to using salted butter :)), our Marlboro Man sandwiches from Pioneer Woman were still really good.

This is a simple, filling meal, and we really enjoyed it, although my boys' favorite part was the baked fries. Oh well :). We also served this with some of our garden green beans, not pictured, but it was a great dinner. The calories for 1/4 of the total was 305 calories, including our 135 calorie rolls. Aaron gave the sandwiches a 6, and the rest of us gave them an 8, since they were really salty. I love how easy this was, and it really was tasty, especially if you have a free hand with the hot sauce. Tomorrow we're having Key Lime Donuts that we didn't have earlier this week.

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  1. Your recipe looks much better than hers. Love mom