Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gorilla Bread and Malted Chocolate Chip Bars

We had some yummy, fattening food tonight :) Gorilla bread is porbably one of those things made to send me off of my diet. I love sweet bready food, and this just takes the top prize for being over the top delicious.   When you look at the recipe, you won't have any question about why it tastes so good.  Thanks Paula Deen for a yummy treat.  I used 16 biscuits rather than 20, and I didn't use nuts because I don't like nuts, but otherwise the recipe is the same.  There are 358 calories/biscuit (ouch!), and we gave them a 9 (Aaron and Owen), and a 10 (Vicki and Noah).

We also made cookies for the coming week, and the recipe is Loaded Malted Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.  These are good and easy, but they are calorific :)  I cut the recipe into 16 bars, and the calories were 306/bar.  I didn't add the marshmallow bits, and I just processed an entire 5 oz box of Whoppers and added them without measuring.  These are chocolatey and delicious, the boys gave them a 9 and Aaron gave them an 8, since they weren't  Tollhouse cookies.
Tomorrow we're having beef taquitos.

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  1. Boy, both of these recipes look like I would add on 100 calories just by looking at them. Love mom