Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cranberry Orange Cake Donuts

So today we had a spectacular flop :(  I made donuts for the boys for breakfast, and this is what they ended up looking like:
These were supposed to be Cranberry Orange Cake Donuts, and they are moist and super flavorful, really great flavor, I just could not get them to stay together.  I tried taking them out when warm, when that didn't work with the first one, I tried taking them out when totally cool.  Here are the results.  Six donuts made into crumbs.  I give this recipe a 4, because of the great flavor and the low calorie count, only 135 calories/donut, but the falling apart obviously doesn't work.  I did halve the recipe, and maybe that was the problem, who knows.  We won't be making this one again.  Tomorrow we're trying chili rice.

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