Monday, June 11, 2012

Pioneer Woman's Pan Fried Kale, Mozzarella Sticks, and Inside Out Burgers

Tonight we had this recipe which I made a few changes to.  I don't do the mushrooms, I cut the amounts in half so we have smaller burgers, I don't add the oil, and I use other kinds of cheeses.  We used pepperjack tonight.  The total calories for the burgers were 577/burger using a small bun.  We gave them an 8, mainly because the calories are so high.  We also made pan fried kale from the Pioneer Woman's newest cookbook, only 40 calories, and we gave it a 3.  We just didn't like it, sigh :(  The fried mozzarella we also took out of the Pioneer Woman's newest cookbook, and we loved those.  They were 125 calories/ cheese stick, and although I couldn't get them to stay together well, they were so tasty.  They also received an 8.  The burgers and cheese sticks were both easy and delicious, if a little high in calories :).  Tomorrow we're having a chicken and rice dish, and we're having some muffins as well.

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  1. I think the fried cheese was the best part. It's been so long since I'd eaten that (on my mission).

    Really hit the spot.