Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pioneer Woman's Fruit Pizza, Cook's Illustrated Irish Soda Bread, Ranch Pull Apart Bread, and Cream of Onion Soup

Look at all the food I cooked today! We had a very successful food day, and I received my first 10 today :)
We'll start with our first item, fruit pizza from the Pioneeer Woman. I didn't use her cookie crust, I used our favorite sugar cookie recipe from Cook's Illustrated. We all liked it, although I cut the topping down quite a bit so there wasn't so much filling, but we agreed it was between an 8 and a 9. I made 12 servings and cut the filling in 1/4, so the calories were 260 for 12 servings.

Next comes the Irish soda bread, the recipe I also took from Cook's Illustrated.

I needed an easy recipe for bread to make this, and I didn't want to use a normal yeast bread, and the result was
which gave me my first 10. Both the bread and the fillings were highly enjoyed by everyone. Unfortunately, the calorie count was high! 493 calories for 1/8 of the bread. Aaron loved this especially.
Here was our cream of onion soup, and you can follow this link to find it.  I didn't do the bread part of it, I just put in the extra clove of garlic to the soup, and then added some gruyere to the top of the soup and broiled it for a few minutes.  We really liked this soup a lot, it was sweet and flavorful and very low in calories.  We gave it a 9, and calories were 115/serving.  The servings were very small, but with the bread we didn't need very much.
And finally, we had veggies from our garden.  They were so delicious!!!  We gave them a 10, obviously, and we're so happy to have peas and green beans. 
Tomorrow the only new recipe is a quick orange julius recipe.


  1. I have never heard of Cream of onion soup. It looks really good. Maybe I will try that one. Did the soda bread taste good? Was it hard to make? your peas look fantastic! The birds ate ours. Love mom

  2. i looked at the recipe for the bread and I know I will definitely try that one. Was it as good as it looked? Love mom

  3. Can I just say "best bread ever"!!!!!!!

  4. Can I just say "best bread ever"!!!!!!!