Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fake Orange Julius and Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread

Tonight we had Pumpkin & Cheese Spice Bread with eggs for dinner, some of the left over fruit pizza, and orange julius.  Fast Sundays are great, because we don't have to worry so much about our calories :).  Another reason to love fasting, right?  The recipe for Orange Julius is almost not a recipe it's so easy, but the boys loved it.

Fake Orange Julius 6 servings, 177/serving

6 c orange juice, divided 720

1 envelope dry Dream Whip 160

1 package (2 c) vanilla pudding mix 180

Pour 3 c of orange juice into blender, then add in dream whip and vanilla pudding.  Blend on low for 1 minute then turn to medium for another minute.  Pour into serving container, add in remainder of orange juice and serve over ice.

I found this recipe in a book by Joanne Fluke. I added some ice to the blender, and just blended everything up then served it over ice, and like I said, the boys just thought it was the best thing ever.  They gave it 10's, but Aaron didn't like it as well so it only scored a 9 over all.  The bread we gave an 8, and we really enjoyed it as well.  166 calories for a 1 inch slice.  I put the bread into 2 regular pans, so the loaves are shorter.
Tomorrow we're trying a pork chop recipe and potato skins.

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  1. This sounds really good, but the dream whip. Does it taste as good as real orange Julius? Remember when we used to go to the mall and eat lunch there and have an orange julius? fun memories. love mom