Saturday, June 30, 2012

Carnitas Pizza

So we had the carnitas pizza from the Pioneer Woman's second cookbook.  We used her pizza dough recipe, and then made the carnitas in the crockpot using a roast, spices and papya pineapple nectar.  Aaron loved the meat, he said he gave the flavor a 9, but didn't like the juicy meat on the pizza, so overall he gave the pizza a 6.  Noah, Owen and I  gave it a 9, and although I liked it better without the meat on it, I liked both parts, pizza and meat.  We sliced it in 12 slices, and each slice with meat was 350 calories per slice.  We served it with tomatoes and avocado.  The only problem I had with the recipe is the cooking temperature and time were off.  We needed to cook the crust a little bit first, then add the toppings, but the recipe didn't call for that so part of the crust was delicious and part of it was still underdone.  I'll remedy that next time.  Tomorrow we're having jalapeno popper pizza and the Pioneer Woman's prune cake.

1 comment:

  1. The meat on top was amazing!
    You're a great cook, hon.