Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our Best Bites Mini Oven Pancakes

These mini puffed oven pancakes from Our Best Bites were a hit with my family, and I appreciated how easy they were.  I followed the recipe with the decrease in flour she suggests, because I found the recipe in their cookbook and that is how the recipe was printed.  Since I followed the recipe exactly, I will let you go to the link to see the recipe.  The calories for one puffy pancake was 35 calories since I only got 20 out of the recipe rather than 24.  The calories are 29 per pancake if you make 24.  We all gave this a 9, these are fun to dip and taste great!


  1. these were good, but I could have eaten about a zillion of them without getting full. But I would definitely have them again.

  2. Aaron answered my question, how many did you have to eat to get full??? Love you much, mom