Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Recipe Girl's Cheesecake Hot Chocolate

This is a fun recipe for cheesecake whipped cream.  I love to try this, as we drink lots of cocoa around here.  It's cold this winter!  Lori Lange's cookbook The Recipe Girl Cookbook was given to me by Noah for my birthday, and I am super excited to try so many of her recipes.  I didn't make the whole hot chocolate recipe, just the whipped cream, because I was almost out of milk :), but the whipped cream was yummy!  Owen, Noah and I gave it an 8, and Aaron gave it a 7.  Each helping of whipped cream was 267 calories.  Here's what I did:

3 oz cream cheese, softened
3/4 c whipping cream
3 T sugar

Whip the cream cheese in a mixing bowl until fluffy.  Scrape the bowl down well (I didn't do this and we had little cream cheese chunks in our whipped cream, the reason for Aaron's lower score :)), then add in the sugar and whipping cream and beat until firm peaks are formed.  Serve on your hot chocolate of choice. 

Check out her blog for some great recipes, or her cookbook!!

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  1. Did this taste like cream cheese or cocoa??? I am not a really strong fan of cream cheese unless it is in cheese cake, so I am not sure I would like this. Love you much. Mom