Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Garlic Bread Sandwiches

So my Noah loves garlic bread.  It's his favorite thing ever.  He asked me to make some sandwiches using garlic bread, so I did :).  This is so fast and easy when you use premade garlic bread like I did.  I use Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast garlic bread, and it is fast and easy to make.  Here's what we did.

Take whatever meat you want, I used turkey lunch meat, and cook it in a pan on both sides.  Add cheese and allow to melt.  Then add avocado and tomato and slide onto garlic bread slice and top with another garlic bread slice.  Serve!  That was how I made the boys' sandwiches, and I made mine vegetarian, because I prefer vegetarian sandwiches.  I just cooked my tomatoes a little, then added the cheese to melt, then topped it with avocado and arranged it on the bread.  My sandwich was 480 calories, the boys' were about 600.  We all gave them a 9, except Owen, he gave his an 8 because he didn't love the meat.  We will have these again!

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  1. Now if this was just for me, I would do it veggie style, too, but I love garlic bread. As for your dad, forget it! Love mom Way to go Noah!