Thursday, October 25, 2012

PW's Twice Baked Potato

No pictures tonight, but these are such great twice baked potatoes.  I used PW's twice baked potatoes recipe, and it is one of our very favorites.  These are fast and easy, and the only change I make is to use yukon gold potatoes rather than russet, because we love gold potatoes.  This time I used onion powder rather than green onions, because that's what I had and the smell doesn't bother me as much.  Potatoes are a great pregnancy food :).  Check out the PW's pictures, and try them out, they are worth it.  We all give them between a 9 and a perfect 10.  The calories are about 306/potato half.

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  1. Does this make enough for a main dish or did you add meat of some kind? Mom