Saturday, September 15, 2012


We had something today that could maybe be called gyros, but I don't really think they are.  Anyway, I don't know what to call it, but whatever it was, it was good.  We used the pitas we had a few weeks ago, they were excellent even after being frozen.  I am never buying pitas again, these were just soooo much better.  Anyway, I just used 1 lb of ground lamb with 1 T of Cavender's Greek Seasoning.  This came together in 10 minutes, with just warming up the pitas on the griddle, cooking the meat, and cutting up the lettuce and tomato.  I didn't even have cucumbers to make tzatziki sauce, so we just used some ranch or caesar dressing to moisten up the pitas a little, and some feta cheese.  The calories for this were 350 with all the ingredients, so fast, and relatively healthy.  We all gave this an 8.  And see the watermelon on the dish there?  That is a delicious desert king watermelon out of our garden.  Yummy!
Tomorrow we're having a pasta dish.

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  1. Wow! the watermelon looked really good. the pitas did too. Just don't think I could get your dad to eat lamb. Love mom