Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sweet Rolls

We had Chocolate Chip Cookie Sweet Rolls, and they were sooo good.  Go Pioneer Woman!  I love her original cinnamon rolls, so it's no surprise that these are so amazing as well.  Even Aaron, a sweet roll nay sayer, gave these a 9.  Hooray!  We all gave them a 9, they are so delicious, and we'll have them again for sure.  For 1 roll, the calories are 365, I got 24 rolls just like the recipe said.  These are moist, and too good for our diet.  Her pictures are much better than mine, I can't seem to get good light in our kitchen, so check out her pictures, not mine.  Sigh...anyway, try these, you'll thank the Pioneer Woman :)

Tomorrow we're having a shrimp dish.


  1. I thought by looking that this was a main dish. It does look good, and sounds even better.