Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lime Sorbet

So, here we go with another failure :(  This week was not a good week for cooking for me, but hopefully things will get better.  I am going to be posting a revamped lime sorbet recipe soon, but I will share my failure with you.  This sorbet doesn't look right, does it?  It's way too icy, because I didn't put enough sugar in it.  I used 12 limes and 1 lemon, and got 1 c juice.  I make sorbet for Aaron just about every year for his birthday, and I have had great success in the past with blood orange sorbet, regular orange sorbet, grapefruit sorbet, and strawberry sorbet.  I follow a basic recipe I found from David Leibowitz's cookbook a Perfect Scoop, and it has turned out brilliantly every time.  This time however I learned my lesson.  I know that limes are more sour than lemons, as does everyone, so I increased the sugar a little bit in the recipe.  Here is the basic recipe

For every 1 c of juice, add 1/4 c sugar, so 2 c juice, 1/2 c sugar.

Cook sugar and just enough juice in a small saucepan until sugar is absorbed completely and you have a simple syrup.  Remove from heat, add the rest of the juice, then chill.  Churn in ice cream freezer.  Serve, or allow to harden in the freezer first.

This is great, great flavor, etc, but I should've used a different recipe for our sorbet with limes.  Everywhere I've looked on the internet has the lime juice diluted with something, water or other flavors, and the ratio for sugar to lime juice is 1:1, not 1:4.  I will play around this week and see if I can't get a better result.  Aaron was pretty disappointed.  If you want to make a different sorbet, like orange, then follow this delicious recipe I've provided :)

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  1. Sorry, Aaron. This was for your birthday, but she tried because she loves you so much. Love mom