Monday, December 22, 2014

Kristen Ashley's Chocolate Cherry Cake

My boys wanted a chocolate cherry cake for Thanksgiving, so I found this recipe for Gramma Moutaw's Chocolate Maraschino Cherry Cake on Kristen Ashley's website, and it was delicious.  I made only one change, I added some almond extract to the cake and icing as well as the vanilla extract.  Mine cooked for about 45 minutes, but check it after about 30 minutes.  This is easy, delicious, and full of flavor.  I have no calorie information on this one, I don't even want to think about calories on this one, I made it for Thanksgiving and didn't count calories that day, so just guess it's going to be high :).  My kids and mom gave this a perfect 10, and my dad and I gave it a 9.  Try it, it's delicious!

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  1. I loved this, but then my favorite candy besides Heath Bars are chocolate covered cherries. This is sooo good! Love mom