Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Rachel Ray's Genovese Style Red Sauce

Merry Christmas!  Although this isn't a Christmas meal, this is definitely a delicious, low fuss meal to feed a crowd, or just have lots of left overs for the week.

I found this recipe on, and here is the link.  Each serving with the pasta (I only used 1/2 pound instead of a full pound of pasta) is 401 calories, and Aaron and I gave this a 9 while the boys gave it an 8.  They felt like there was too much meat in it, not something that deters Aaron and me :).  Anyway, I followed the recipe exactly, and it is delicious.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday, we are doing prime rib here, my first time, so we'll see how it goes ;).  

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  1. I tried to get onto this site last week and I could not do it. Not sure why. But this sounds really good. Another one to try. Love mom