Friday, March 7, 2014

Pioneer Woman's Caramel Apple Sweet Rolls

Although I was going to post this a little later, I told my parents about it on Sunday and they requested pictures and a recipe.  These are such good sweet rolls.  I have tried the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls and her chocolate chip cookie sweet rolls, but these are featured in her newest cookbook, so I decided to make them, and they are a hit.  These caramel apple rolls taste like apple pie, and have such a great flavor, and also aren't too difficult.  You can find the recipe for these on the Pioneer Woman's website, here is the link, and I followed it pretty closely, I just found the amount of powdered sugar called for in the frosting to be too much, so I would cut that back based on your needs.  I also needed to cook them longer, big surprise, my oven is off, but otherwise I followed the recipe.  The calories for 26, which is how many rolls I made, were 352, and the rolls got a 9 from me and the boys, and a 7 from Aaron.  Try these, they are delicious!
Don't you love Jonah's Thomas the Train plate ;)?

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  1. The Thomas the Train plate adds that bit of elegance of fine china that makes this picture perfect. This we will definitely try. Love mom