Monday, March 30, 2015

Southwest Steak Bowl

So the picture is terrible, but the meal is not.  Remember this post where I said I wanted to try to get a more Taco Bell like Southwest Steak bowl?  Well, here's my second attempt, and it was much more to our liking.  I give this a perfect 10, because it's the kind of food I would eat every day.  Owen and Noah gave it a perfect 10 as well, and Aaron gave it a 9.  This is super delicious, and because the steak is just cooked really quickly seasoned with salt and pepper, then after cooking is sprinkled with lime juice, it tastes like steak, rather than fajita seasoning.  So, the calories all depend on which beans, enchilada sauce, and rice you use, but it isn't super high, because again no tortillas.  So here's what to do:

Pioneer Woman's Mexican Rice Casserole (remember I said this made a ton?  I used my frozen left overs :))
Our Favorite Refried Beans
Canned or Homemade Enchilada Sauce
1 lb steak, flank or skirt, well seasoned with salt and pepper
1/2 lime
1 T vegetable oil
cheese and other desired toppings

Heat the vegetable oil in a large skillet, and cook the steak for just a couple of minutes per side.  Let rest, then sprinkle with the lime juice.  If using a whole steak, cut it against the grain, if using prechopped, then serve.

Place rice, then beans, then enchilada sauce then steak then cheese, and add some jalapenos if you would like more spice.  Yummy :)

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  1. This sounds really easy and delicious. I will try it. Maybe send it to Andrea, too. LOve me