Monday, January 7, 2013

Split-Level Pudding

We had Dorie Greenspan's Split-Level Pudding, and you can see pictures and recipe here, since I can't find my memory card, and, well, it's easier to link you to someone else's much better picture ;).  This was a hit.  My ganache, the bottom layer, was gritty, which was a problem, but I think I just needed to warm it up before putting it in the dishes to make sure it was all tasted amazing though.  If you've never had made from scratch pudding, you are missing out.  Store-bought packets can't compare.  Anyway, Owen gave the pudding a 10, the rest of us gave it a 9.  Calories aren't happening right now, but after the baby is done with nursing, I'll get back on the calorie train :).  I'll be sharing a rice recipe next time.

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  1. This sounded so good when Owen told me about it, but with all that chocolate and cream, it would be for me and I don't need the calories. Love you much. We are meeting Aaron in Tempe for dinner on Wednesday night. Looking forward to seeing him and hearing how all of you are doing. Love mom