Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Best Bites Chocolate Zucchini Bread and Apple muffins

Our breakfast was found here, and we liked them.  I especially like that the recipe only made 4 muffins, and wasn't too high in calories.  We gave them on average an 8.  Only 190 calories/muffin.

We also had chocolate zucchini bread from Our Best Bites cookbook.  This might be on their blog as well, I'm not sure.  I like that this uses so much zucchini, 3 cups shredded for this bread, and I love the flavor, but I didn't like how many calories each slice was, 190 calories for a very thin slice and that was with my substituting yogurt for sour cream, and my bread was very difficult to get out of the pans without falling apart.  We gave it a 7, and again, when zucchini is coming out our ears this summer, this is a good way to use it up.  Tomorrow we're having a chicken recipe for dinner, we'll see if we like it!

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