Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cake Mix Waffles

Cake mix waffles, what an easy thing to do.  You take a cake mix, follow the instructions on the box, and instead of baking the cake, you make waffles!  I didn't add oil, I added pumpkin instead, so it was healthier and I used up the left over pumpkin I had.  These came out pretty soft, I think because there was no oil, but other than that they were great.  Owen and Aaron gave them a 9, and Noah and I gave them an 8.  These are so easy, it is great to not have to do as much for dinner ;).  The cheese in the picture was from the scrambled eggs we had with our waffles.


  1. Well, at least you all liked it and it was easy! That is the best kind.

  2. I really liked these waffles, despite the fact I get irritated every time Vicki changes our waffle recipes.
    This one was super-delicious. I ate a big pile.