Monday, October 5, 2015

Lauren's Latest Microwave Cinnamon Quinoa

Somehow, with changing out my Lumia phone back to an iphone, my pictures are not all there, sadly.   The good news is, I can now actually receive calls again at my house, so win!   Anyway, we tried out this breakfast quinoa from Lauren's Latest, and although we had to cook it longer than the recipe said, since I doubled the recipe, it was still a pretty fast and easy breakfast, and we all enjoyed it.  I didn't use maple syrup, I used brown sugar, but Owen and Noah both liked the syrup in it, and it was great with the bananas.  Each serving, with bananas and brown sugar, was 276 calories, but that will change based on how much or little brown sugar/syrup used.  Try this for breakfast, it's great!  We all gave it a 9.

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  1. this sounds really good. I will try it for both of us. Now, i have a question. I want to make something that calls for Couscous and I was not sure how to prepare it? Do I just boil it in water or chicken broth? It is not part of the recipe, just sits under the stew. Love mom

    Also, I wanted to ask Noah what he wants to do while he is here with us? Love Oma