Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Copy Cat Taco Bell's Seven Layer Burrito

Yay for Taco Bell!  I love Taco Bell, and anyone who knows me is prepared to have me vote for Taco Bell every time we go out to eat :).  I used to love Seven Layer Burritos from them, but they changed the recipe of their rice, probably to make it more healthy, but that changed the flavor and now I don't like the seven layer burritos anymore.  So I set out to make something similar, but since I like my beans to have more flavor, and be spicier, it wasn't the same.  It was a huge success here, since we all love burritos anyway, and this was a good one.  Aaron, Noah and I gave this a perfect 10, and Owen gave this a 9 because it was spicier than he liked.  This is highly dependent on how big your burrito is for calories, but count around 400.
Here's the fun and easy recipe:

My Favorite Refried Beans, using chorizo rather than bacon 
grated cheese, I used Pepper Jack and Monterey Jack
Wholly Guacamole (I wanted a Taco Bell Guacamole flavor)
Sour Cream
Shredded Lettuce (I used spinach, green onions, and cilantro mixed, ice burg is traditional)

Layer the ingredients on the tortillas, and serve

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  1. For me, I would leave the rice out. The rest sounds heavenly. Thanks so much. Love you, mom